Best Gay Erotica 2005 Richard Labonte Editor

Best Gay Erotica 2005 Richard Labonte Editor
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best gay erotica 2005; richard labonte; cleis press; LGBT; gay; homosexual; men; male; boys; same-sex; sexy; hot; steamy; passionate; dirty; naughty; kinky; fetish; taboo; muscular; tender; caring; beautiful; virgin; first time; homophobia; closeted; heartpounding; action; hook-ups; romantic; couples; relationships; davem verne; pleasure; sensual; titillating; arousing; satisying; BDSM; bondage; submission; domination; leather; daddy; teacher; top; bottom; las vegas; miami; dallas; oklahoma city; st. paul; diverse; variety; club; bar; barn;Brains, muscle, tenderness, kink. Like the perfect lover, Best Gay Erotica 2005 has the total package (and you’ll never have to meet its parents). From the blushing explorations of a beautiful, untouched rural boy in Jonathan Asche’s Doll Boy to the dark journey of Alpha Martial’s My Place to the sexual confession of a homophobic straight boy in Alexander Rowlson’s Pink Triangle-Shaped Pubes, these 22 stories explore a heartpounding, tent-raising range of male-male desire.