Erotica: My secret sex acts Mrs. Erotica Acts Author

Erotica: My secret sex acts Mrs. Erotica Acts Author
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Erotica: My Secret Sex Acts When Sara Stewart is left by her brothers, who have gone on to marry, she finds herself in a situation where she cannot escape the needs of her ailing mother. At over 4o years old, she is still a virgin and is unaware at this juncture that life is going to take one huge turn in the road, when Ewan Anderson comes into her life. Follow her adventures into finding out what sex is all about as you follow her and Ewan into what seems at the outset as an impossible situation. Not wishing to be labeled as a child snatcher it’s unlikely that Sara will openly have a romance with Ewan who is 20 years her junior. However, her secret sex acts are eye opening as she makes up for all the lost time. Comparing her life with that of her brothers, Sara is sure which life she would choose now and it certainly wouldn’t be his!

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