Erotica Short Stories Vol. 1 Sophie Sin Author

Erotica Short Stories Vol. 1 Sophie Sin Author
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Six of Sophie Sin’s latest erotic stories. Included are a cheating husband and the kinky sex he enjoys with a gorgeous blond goth, the train molester molesting three sexy Swedish workers, a sexy vixen’s 1000 man online orgy, a big booty girl’s hot fling with a big black hunk, and Kerry’s first threesome with the two hunks she is dating in her office. There is something for everyone inside!Erotica Short Stories Vol 1 contains the following six short erotic stories:# Goth Paradise: An Unfaithful HusbandThe Unfaithful Husband meets a sexy gothic beauty with a twisted fetish for extremely kinky sex. However, she has met her match this time in The Unfaithful Husband as he matches her play for play in a series of erotic events that will burn themselves in your mind forever. Sophie Sin at her rudest.# Train Molester Returns: Late Night Orgy!Mandy is a train molester. More than a fetish, more than an obsession, this is her way of life. One late night on holiday in Sweden, she encounters three rough laborers willing to satisfy her needs. However, the driver of the train and her handsome instructor have similar ideas. Only a meter from the driver’s cab, Mandy is engaged in an orgy of rough men. Will she get caught? And will she like it?# Sex Train: Alice’s Secret TrainingOne and a half years has passed since that lusty two weeks they shared as trainee and trainer. Alice has changed and Lucas has too. The man didn’t call even once during their absence and neither did she. Yet, the memories of those moments they shared have not been forgotten. A young train driver about to enter into full time employment goes through one final erotic test.# Virtual Sex: An Online OrgySandy is enjoying her regular play time in the virtual world when a virus enters her paradise of sexual content to infect her personal scene with a spectacle of sex, lust and unending male need. Coated, used and watched by millions, Sandy goes through the unimaginable only to be faced with a final challenge that will take her to the heights of pleasure and beyond.# That White Booty: A Black Man’s WeaknessWalk through Queens in New York wearing a sexy t-shirt and jeans for 2 hours? It didn’t even seem like much of a challenge to Jenna. However, things get dangerous straight from the beginning and Jenna is soon in need of saving. Fortunately, a handsome dark skinned stranger steps in to help. Jenna finds herself in the sexy hands of a big black man and she can’t help but be attracted to him.# Her First Threesome: Office Love TriangleKerry has two big problems and their names are Mike and Joe. The presentation ended well, but afterwards their eyes had told her that they wanted much more than just a bit of information. Having dated the two of them secretly for nearly a month now, Kerry knew what was coming. Four hands fondling and two men satisfying her every need, want and fantasy. This is Kerry’s very first threesome.

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