Going Skin Deep [Interracial BW/WM Erotica/Cheating Erotica] Marlo Peterson Author

Going Skin Deep [Interracial BW/WM Erotica/Cheating Erotica] Marlo Peterson Author
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When passion arises, you never know how to react until you’re in that situation. Raw, carnal lust takes over, and the next thing you know, you’re on an adventure that you didn’t expect, but one that is intriguing and titillating to the core. In these two stories, “Rescuing an Ebony Queen” and “Stepping Outside of my Marriage”, the temptation is strong, and these ladies are up for the challenge. Rescuing an Ebony Queen:Speed dating takes a wild twist when Charles and Sabrina quickly realize what they want. When Charles asks Sabrina to get head back to his place, something about the encounter lets them both know they’re in for a ride. They hit his condo to enjoy a bottle of Moscato, and when the clothes come off, ebony meets ivory in the sexiest and raunchiest ways. Charles gets his wish of tasting and touching a beautifully dark skinned woman, and finds himself drawn to her beauty and curves, enticing him in a way that no woman has been able to before. WARNING! This story is for mature readers only and is incredibly hot. You’ll get to read more than 3,000 words of steamy action, including interracial rough sex against a glass door, oral on the couch and so much more. EXCERPT: “And how do you like to get fucked?” I asked, rubbing my hand across her inner thigh, making my intensions clear. Sabrina was speechless, obviously turned on by the little cat and mouse game that we were playing. This shit was getting me turned on also. “Well…” she began, her voice lowering an octave. “I like to be kissed… On my neck,” she began. I leaned in and met her neck with my lips, kissing her ever so lightly. Her perfume filled my nostrils with intoxication, and my kisses sent shivers down her spine. I knew I had her. “Keep going,” I said, sliding my hand further up her dress, and pressing my hand into her crotch. I could feel her moistness through her panties.Stepping Outside of my Marriage:Tamera stands at the altar with a decision to make. As she looks to the crowd and sees the happy faces, she then looks to her husband and realizes this is a business decision, and not one made with passion. Kyle was a good guy, he had a great job, but she didn’t light a fire in Cameron. One of his groomsman, however, was everything that Tamera wanted in a man sexually. They almost hooked up in college and kept that secret from Kyle for years. With one foot in and at the brink of making a lifetime decision, will Tamera have one last fling with Kyle to explore what could have been, or what still can be? EXCERPT: The look in his eyes told her that he had his fair share of celebratory champagne, and was looking a bit stressed. Her heart raced, because she could tell by the look in his face that Cameron was going to speak an honesty that she wasn’t ready to deal with. Especially after giving herself a pep talk to ease the guilt. “Are you happy?” were the simple, yet complex words that came from Cameron’s lips. They hung in the air, permanently there, until Tamera addressed them. The question was simple, but the answer was complex. She was happy in the way that a parent is happy their child grows up to move across the world to become one of the premiere business people in the world. But are you happy that you actually have to live a life of not speaking to or seeing them every day? Of course not. Tamera was happy in the traditional sense, but she felt it with her brain and not her heart. There was nothing passionate about it. As she looked into Cameron’s eyes, she felt fire that was tangible. He burned for her, and the way that her heart sped up, she knew that she wanted him also. “Yes,” Tamera responded sheepishly, literally not knowing what else to say. Cameron scooted toward her in the limo and placed his nose inches from her face. She smelled his cologne and the sweetness of his breath, and wanted to feel his skin all over hers. “Prove it,” he said.