Erotica Short Stories Vol. 9 Sophie Sin Author

Erotica Short Stories Vol. 9 Sophie Sin Author
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Several erotic stories from Sophie Sin. Included are a hardcore gang bang by a bunch of guards on some willing university students, the woman who cries lesbian and yet concedes a well hung man is a wonderful thing, Joanna Speed chasing getting rear ended, and much more. There’s something for everyone within!‘Erotica Short Stories Vol. 9’ contains the following short stories:# A Kinky Turn Of Events (Alpha Male)We keep the peace. Through seduction and outright naughty behavior, Whiskey North continues to thrive. This series is sexier than anything you’ve ever read. A playful romp through the streets of old with hot passion in every alley and darkened doorway.# Broke Out & Broken In (Domination / Light Bondage)I snuck out to meet a boy and now I must take my punishment. With riding crop and so much more, this young woman will learn her lesson at hands of the staff of the most devious all woman university prep-school ever!# But I Am A Lesbian! (Well Hung)No, I hate him. I hate this dirty filthy male. Andrea Hen does not lower herself to the shameful level of sex with men, and a ugly man beast of one at that. How dare he blackmail me? If only he wasn’t quite so hung… I suppose I could just touch it. Once. Just once… Sophie Sin brings us a reluctant - yet oh-so-willing - lesbian learning what well hung means for the first time in her life.# Firmly Rear Ended (Anal)I am paid for a lot of things. This, however, is something that I volunteered for. To be driven into – rear ended – can hurt and hurt bad, but this time its ‘for my pleasure’ and I’ll take all he’s got. Joanna Speed shows you just how great being rear ended can be!# Chasing Curves (Alpha Male)The Legendary Racer - a man with steely gray eyes and unending confidence - gets onto his bike with his eyes fixed firmly on her rear. Joanna Speed can’t help but feel excited. A well put together man like this doesn’t come along every day. You want a ride? he asks with a knowing smile. Joanna wants a ride and she wants to go all the way.# To Be An Obedient Woman (Alpha Male)Professor Marks is going to teach me how to be obedient through all means possible. In a futuristic world where the line between real and unreal has been surpassed, sometimes the most real things are those that we find within ourselves. A woman’s journey towards obedience and so much more.# Guard House Orgy (First Times)I shouldn’t have gotten caught and now I need to pay the price. Unfortunately, that price is quite high with three men surrounding me and me on my knees. That’s when my busty friend Emma steps in to save the day in the craziest sexual experience of my life.

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