Erotica & Some Mo' Shit Talisha Mallory Author

Erotica & Some Mo' Shit Talisha Mallory Author
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In Mallory’s ninth book she brings something all new, hot, and sizzling to the readers’ minds. She changes the entire meaning of what erotica is and how it is written. In BlackRose Presents: Erotica & Some Mo’ Shit it’s not just your everyday erotica that you pick up at the bookstore. The stories and poems are resurrected from the vaults and notebooks of endless freaky tales told from the mind of Talisha Mallory. Once you read this book, it will have you going from being strapped down in your seat to trying to climb walls. Within this book each story will have you moved and mesmerized yet turned on to where you can’t put this book down. By the time you finish this book, you will have the reached the ultimate climax.

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