Fantastic Beast Sex: 8 Stories of Fantasy Creature Erotica Victoria Gray Author

Fantastic Beast Sex: 8 Stories of Fantasy Creature Erotica Victoria Gray Author
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Do you love monsters? What about sex? Erotica too? Yes, yes, and yes? Then you will love, Fantastic Beast Sex: 8 Stories of Fantasy Creature Erotica. No creature is too large or strange if you’re willing enough. Enter a world populated by magical beast that you’ve only dreamed of. Not only is the world populated with fantastical creatures, but they want to have sex with us, too! Erotica has never been better as Victoria Gray wields the pen and takes you through a whirlwind tour of fantastic monster sex in this short story erotica collection. In What’s in the Box?, sex-starved writer Vivien is sold a strange plain box that promises to remedy her lackluster sex life, except the being inside is straight out of a sex nightmare! In The Expedition, legendary thief Billie goes on a jungle safari to recover the ancient Lich Crown, an artifact rumored to contain the ability to raise the dead. But the deaths keep piling and Billie must use sex to keep morale up among the men. Billie’s story continues in The Gorger when a beast out of legend and a legendary cock to match stand between her and the crown. And the only way through is mind-blowing monster sex. When the Wolves Howl, Run! tells the tale of three female sellswords who must rid Waterbridge of a gang of bandits who travel with a massive pack of wolves. But when they are confronted by six sexually charged beasts of myth known as wargs, the women must offer up their bodies to their erotic intentions if they have any chance to survive. Their story continues in Den Mothers, where the three women are given the opportunity to rule over a kingdom of wolves. All they have to do is have sex with six proud wargs. Conner, the rigger of the St. Maurice, is washed ashore on a desert island during a mighty storm in, The Boy Who Loved the Sea. His survival ultimately depends on the whimsical nature of the mermaid who inhabits the lagoon. What does she want? Sex, of course, and for a man to fertilize her eggs. In If You Want to Catch Fish, Use the Right Bait, Conner is rescued from his desert island, only to find his sexual exploits have become a piece of gossip in a way among the mermaids who all want to have sex with him too! Finally, young nieve Avida is at the mercy of her sexually aggressive master, the powerful mage Aga who discovers the secrets of water magic. What will Avida do when Aga uses her newfound magic to sexually pleasure them both endlessly? Find out in, What Water Mages Want. Hold on for pulse pounding erotica with a kinky monster twist. The sex is unfathomable, but the only way you can discover these erotic beasts is by picking up the book!

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