Fantasy Erotica: Naked Nurse Garrett Zeiger Author

Fantasy Erotica: Naked Nurse Garrett Zeiger Author
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Naked Nurse is a Menage, Multiple Partner, Historical Medieval, and Fantasy Erotica short story - M/F. This erotica short story contains explicit content, erotic situations, graphic language and is suitable for readers 18 and over.Sir Goodwin is fighting valiantly on the battlefield when he is critically wounded. He doesn’t remember anything else until he wakes up in what seems to be a cave under the care of a beautiful woman. She has been attending to him and assures him that he will make a complete recovery. The nurse has taken good care of him, and there’s only a few things that she needs to check to make sure he is fully healed. Each of these things will make both of them feel much better. Is he up to it? And can she handle all he has to give her? She shows him all of the different ways she has to heal him. She can do it every way and she does. He even passes her taste test. Is it any wonder that he’s reluctant to return to battle? Does she do this for all of her patients?Excerpt:After that, everything had gone black.Until the moment Goodwin found himself in now, with his world one of great pain. His head ached, and he could hear the sharp but faint sound of pouring water.“Uhh…” He propped open one eye, only to see a blur of red and white against a dark background. The image seemed to flicker, as if it were a candle.“He’s awake now. Set the pitcher down and leave us be servant.” The voice was that of a womanly angel, so pure of pitch it was.“Yes, nurse,” answered a man of slurred speech.Goodwin heard the man step away. He then noticed he could not feel the weight of his armor, although he did seem to be covered, perhaps by a blanket. Again, his head throbbed with great discomfort, and he closed his eyes. At least he was in a comfortable bed.“Be still, my valiant knight. I must wash your wound.”Delicate yet competent hands tilted Goodwin’s head to the side. He heard the pitcher being dipped into a trough, and then felt the cool wash of water against the back of his head.“He got me good, didn’t he?”“Indeed, but you are in good hands now, Sir Knight.” The nurse carefully cleaned his wound. “You took a blow to the head, but I believe you will recover quickly… with the proper attention.”“What do I need, my lady?”“Oh, I think something having to do with my body… and yours. Something, how shall we say, intimate?”