Gay Erotica, Volume 4 James Hunt Author

Gay Erotica, Volume 4 James Hunt Author
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JUDE’S INITIATION by Julian BenedictAfter a meticulous background check, Jude is accepted into an exclusive gay sex club where he learns that a gorgeous, straight football player he had hopelessly yearned for is a favoured member of the club. Turns out, the only thing straight about the man is his rigid monster cock which is standing in readiness to push forward Jude’s initiation. ***A QUEER TURN OF EVENTS by Kent KirklandHe’d been carrying on an affair with a co-worker’s wife for a couple of months, and the small, tightly-wound, taut-bodied blonde was dragging him further and further out of his comfort zone. But this latest sex game was the wildest yet, with a couple of new players thrown in . . .***ONE OF OUR BOYS by David EdwardsCaptain Paul D’Arcy sat in the dust of Afghanistan, his mind wandering back to the evening with John when he was first on leave. He was a model soldier to his men and C.O., decorated for heroism in battle, and desperately lonely. With a hostile Colonel and his duty to his men, he had never really been able to face the fact that he was gay. Then a young American officer came into his life . . .***SWIMMING IN THE RAIN by G. R. RichardsErnie knows the best time for a swim is when it’s raining out: the water feels extra warm, the beach is deserted, and a guy can get up to no good in the great outdoors. Good thing Quinn comes along for the ride with his floaty pool noodles in tow. When these guys are swimming in the rain, even the noodles aren’t limp!