First Anal (Five First Anal Sex Erotica Stories) Debbie Brownstone Author

First Anal (Five First Anal Sex Erotica Stories) Debbie Brownstone Author
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Here are five of Debbie Brownstone’s incredible tales of first anal sex bliss. So strap on and hold tight for stories of backdoor sex delight as only Debbie can write them. Get ready for lots of first anal sex with submission!BENT OVER ON A BLIND DATE (A First Anal Sex with Bondage erotica story)Kari’s been so introspective lately that her friend sets her up on a blind date. Kari doesn’t know the whole plan, though. Russ takes her to a nightclub, but this is a nightclub with special rooms, and before she knows it, Kari is strapped onto a table with hands and mouths on her body. When she realizes that Russ intends to introduce her to her first anal sex experience, what can she do? Her mouth is occupied and she’s strapped to the table.ROADSIDE ANAL SERVICE (A First Anal Sex with Submission erotica story)Kelsey can’t believe her bad luck! A flat tire on a country road with no cell service means she might miss her date. Fortunately, Derek drives by and stops to help her change her tire. She’s grateful, but he’s not looking for thanks. He’s looking for some backdoor sex fun in the back of his truck! Will this be her first anal sex experience?SCHOOLHOUSE ANAL ADVENTURES (A First Anal Sex With Teacher Student Sex erotica story)Vincent isn’t a good student, but he’s eighteen and hot. Monica attempts to correct him for his poor work, but he’s having none of it. He’s seen how she looks at him, and if he can’t get an A from her, he’s at least going to get some anal sex from her. Time to teach the teacher all about anal sex.THE ANAL CLUB (A First Anal Sex and First Gangbang erotica story)Jill and her friends decide on a popular nightclub for their girls night out. They’re disappointed when it looks like they’ll never get past the velvet ropes, but they’re overjoyed when they’re given an opportunity to join a wealthy patron in a private club room. Of course, the patron has a number of other guests, and Jill is about to be initiated into the world of anal sex, by six or seven guys! Will this be her First Anal Sex experience and her first gangbang too?THE PRIVATE ANAL LESSON (A First Anal Sex With Teacher Sex erotica story)Rachel is ready to give up on men altogether and get back to the dreams of her childhood. When she goes to pick up a guitar to restart her lessons, she runs into the handsome and rugged Curtis. She wasn’t counting on a hot guy to interfere with her break from men, and she finds herself agreeing to in-home lessons. Curtis is ready to teach her a whole lot more than guitar, though. She’s about to learn about the sweet music she and Curtis can make together in an anal sex experience unlike any she’s ever had. Get ready for an anal sex ride.

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