Forced Princess Julio Poder Author

Forced Princess Julio Poder Author
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Sylvia was the spoiled princess.Protected, pampered, cared for.Whimsical, beautiful, and a virgin.Her only mission, to get married.And the day came to offer her.In a marriage of convenience.To the Prince of the neighboring kingdom…… who was threatening war.However, the Prince was regal.A firm, implacable man.Thirsty, voracious and dark.Always hungry for more.And an appetite to control……dominate and abuse. Of everyone.Of his people. Of his allies.His enemies. Of his wife.The wedding night was difficult.It was not a good night for Sylvia.And it was going to get worse. Much worse.Warning: A dark romance novel with dark erotica, including explicit scenes of hardcore sex pushing the boundaries, set in a medieval kingdom.