Frank's First Time - Gay Erotica Kellie Granier Author

Frank's First Time - Gay Erotica Kellie Granier Author
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Frank’s First Time is a Gay Erotica short story - M/M. This erotica short story contains explicit content, erotic situations, graphic language and is suitable for readers 18 and over.Frank’s job as the personal assistant of an eccentric lawyer is not always easy. It’s normal to be at his boss’s beck and call; there’s nothing unusual about that and he’s used to the strange demands, the inappropriate games, and even the knowledge that he loves every minute of it. That’s why the constant teasing is becoming a pleasant torture for him. But after six months of play, Mr. Wheton is ready to step up the game to the next level. He wants to Frank to try a new task and if he’s good enough and willing enough, he can plan a major “meeting” for his boss. Frank is both apprehensive and excited by the idea of being of use and being used this way. Can Frank take him on or will he claim defeat and be forced to walk away? Will he be able to walk away, even if he wants to?ExcerptFrank nervously glanced at the computer clock for the twentieth time in many minutes. Each group of sixty seconds went by far too slowly, but the minutes seemed to be racing by, bringing him ever so close to five o’clock. Then he could make his escape for the weekend and put this week in the history books. He had mixed feelings about that – hadn’t he been longing for a few days off from his far too demanding boss, Mr. Wheton? But now that he was about to flee for his weekend, he couldn’t deny the twinge of disappointment. He never exactly asked for Mr. Wheton’s attention, but he never actually said No either, and it was hard to say which he disliked more – receiving attention or being utterly ignored.