Horror Erotica: Growing Dark Blaine Teller Author

Horror Erotica: Growing Dark Blaine Teller Author
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Growing Dark is a Fantasy and Horror Erotica short story - M/F. This erotica short story contains explicit content, erotic situations, graphic language and is suitable for readers 18 and over.Raven-haired 19-year-old goth Claire decides to assert her entry into adulthood by setting fire to all of her favorite childhood toys. It’s a hard task, but she is helped along by a huge bottle of alcohol. It’s hard to let go of some of her favorite toys. She is happy to see most of the kid stuff burn away, but hesitates to toss her husky plushie in the fire. Claire convinces herself that she must be rid of it to truly be grown up and pitches it into the flame. One of her rings slips from her finger at the same moment, though, and is burned as well. The destroyed ring unleashes a powerful lust spirit that possesses the plushie. Her stuffed animal not only survives the fire, but comes to life as a human-sized anthropomorphic husky with a huge dick! This story involves oral and vaginal sex between a human and a demon-possessed husky plush.Excerpt:Yes, though, I am not truly a dog. My kind are but spirits; we cannot exist in your realm without a physical body to contain us. The ring limited my power severely. I was left to only watch the world go by. But in your fire, I found a more suitable form, one I could modify to my liking. My eyes went wide. You possessed Sparky? Don’t think of it that way, Claire. I am Sparky now. I saw you cry before you put him to the flame; I know you wanted to stay with him. I rescued him from the fire, and with my soul he lives. To thank you for destroying that accursed ring, I have become your best friend. I could feel tears in my eyes again and gave Sparky a big, tight hug. I dug my fingers into his fur and pressed my face against his chest.Oh Sparky, I’m so sorry I tried to burn you! I’ll never cast you away again! Sparky held me in his strong, furry arms and stroked my back. I could feel his chest rumble when he let out a soft, pleased growl. He nuzzled the top of my head. I could feel his warm breath on my scalp. Suddenly, something brushed my thigh. I loosened my grip enough to look down, then hopped back in wide-eyed surprise. My anthropomorphized husky had sprouted a boner about a foot long!

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