Gay Erotica Vol. 1 Dick Powers Author

Gay Erotica Vol. 1 Dick Powers Author
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Five erotic stories by Dick powers. Included are the story of Brad finding the manager who stole his job is a sexy older wolf with an eye for ’talent’, an exhausted worker who needs a white shower to calm the kinky dreams that are keeping him awake, a debt collector time traveling from 1990 to 2040 to close a debt sexually, and many more. There’s something for everyone within!‘Gay Erotica Vol. 1’ contains:# Bearded Blow (Alpha Male)Brad was enraged when he heard another - an older man - was taking the position he had worked so hard for. The HR manager, Tan, drew him into the office, gave him the news like it was nothing at all, and invited him to meet Michael Phillips: The man tagged as his new boss. However, this meeting was different. Older, bearded, powerful, Brad was awed and, better, turned on. It was mutual.# Blue Balls (Obsession)Overworked, exhausted and taking drugs just to keep awake, young up-and-comer Jarod Green ignored the pain down below in favor of more work, more pain, more drugs. And then he ended up in hospital. The dreams, those endless dreams of men…, they kept him awake - made him hurt. But, there were others that couldn’t sleep. Ones whose problems could only be solved with a long wet shower of white.# Debt Collector (Sci Fi)Mike The Collector knows how to get what he wants, but when he must collect from a devious older man, he gets more than he bargained for. The digital world of 2040 allows for many ‘alternative’ methods of collection and Mike is a master of getting what he wants, but this old man knows tricks Mike doesn’t. What hides in the memories of an experienced gent? A wild ride from 1990 all the way to 2040.# Devil In Me (Interracial)Darrell has a devil in him. Not a imaginary one. No, he has a real one and it drives him to do the worst of things. His target this time is a handsome 40-something lawyer - a family man of values - who needs turning to the darker side of life to obtain Darrell’s employer’s goal. And, who better to turn him than one with a nasty, filthy voice whispering in the back of his head? From curious to gay.# What Real Men Do (Alpha Male / Western)Bruce has regrets. Meeting the 10 Indians who want to steal their stolen cattle and scalp them is one. Another is never having made love to Carl - black, strong, a real man - his partner in crime. When death comes calling, real men must act. Will Bruce get what he most wants or will rejection be the last thing he experiences before death? Find out within.