Gay Erotica Vol. 2 Dick Powers Author

Gay Erotica Vol. 2 Dick Powers Author
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Five erotic stories by Dick powers. Included are the story of a bronze statue guided by the Devil himself engages in a night of debauchery with the unsuspecting night guard, a complete stranger gives a handsome man a very public rub in the middle of a packed restaurant, a man reliving all of his most intense sexual conquests, and many more. There’s something for everyone within!‘Gay Erotica Vol. 2’ contains:# Bronze Perfection (Paranormal)The devil, a statue come to life and a guard at a muesum have a fun night of debauchery that takes one young gay man to the limits of sexual perversion and pleasure.# Hindsight (Memories)Eric has lived a long time defined by one moment that he regrets beyond all else. A new drug offers a chance to return to the moment in the past that changed it all. Does he dare look into the fire of what shaped him? Does he dare confront Samuel - that devilishly handsome black man that showed him something truly eye opening? At what cost does insight come? Find out within.# How Gay Saved The World (Sci Fi)Harry is afraid. He is afraid that he cannot love a gay man. That he won’t be able to truly love another like he loves his wife. Yet, he wants a child in a world where the only way is to sleep with a gay man. To love him. To give him everything to him. To not hold back anything. To give it all. Only then can he achieve his goal. Only through love can a baby be born.# Public Rub (Public)It started in a restaurant. Carl’s boyfriend had left the table when the devilishly sexy man took a seat and proceeded to take advantage of him in all kinds of pleasurable ways. When it was over, the young man thought it was done, but he was wrong. This sinister bad boy has kinky plans that will involve all three of them in a filthy climax that needs to be seen to be believed.# Tailor Made (Alpha Male)When Mr. Morrison tells Carl, the junior tailor at a very upmarket shop, that one of his Russian clients would like to come in for a special fitting and is quite ‘big’, the young man assumes he’ll be sizing a suit for a fat man. However, he couldn’t be more wrong and Mr. Morrison - a devious older man - has set him up for a larger than life affair that won’t require any needles and thread.