Gay Erotica Vol. 3 Dick Powers Author

Gay Erotica Vol. 3 Dick Powers Author
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Seven erotic stories by Dick powers. Included are the story of a horny military recruit seducing the handsome base doctor in the showers, a dedicated boss giving in to temptation for his first time going gay with the office stud, two men in a society where gay is not okay engaging in some private romance, and many more. There’s something for everyone within!‘Gay Erotica Vol. 3’ contains:# A Military Exercise (Uniform)Starved… Starved of hot, sexy gay men. That was until now. Jack is a doctor and he’s gorgeous. A chance encounter in the showers of a military base leads to something exciting and forbidden. A taboo pleasure.# A New World For Him (First Times)Two men come together in their finest moment and share a wonderful heated experience with just a little taste of the rough.# After Office Affair (Office Romance)The boss that he’s always wanted to be with and a single opportunity to make it happen. A tense sexual affair played out to the backdrop of an office party. First time virgin gay.# Ballroom Affair (Historical Romance)They must hide it, but they are drawn to it. To deny themselves and their desires is too much. One handsome serving man and two aristocrats play on the balcony for their enjoyment.# In The Back (First Times)I’m not that kind of guy… Surely, I’m not that kind of guy! But maybe I am? Maybe I am! Life and sex can be confusing, but some things are less confusing than we would like to think.# Open Air Fling (Public)A man with a secret is thrown into an erotic evening of fun and sex with more than enough of it being done in the public eye. Outdoor passion.# Outdoor Party (Public)Two men engage in some hardcore fun on a swing seat only meters from where a outdoor party of dozens is being held. Public kink.

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