Gay For You Bundle Set (Straight Men Turned Gay Erotica Collection) Tabatha Allen Author

Gay For You Bundle Set (Straight Men Turned Gay Erotica Collection) Tabatha Allen Author
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Genre: Gay Straight First Time EroticaWhether it’s a ‘straight’ guy and his gay friend desperately seeking relief in Mexico, Hollywood’s newest leading man entranced by his hot Mexican pool boy or a straight musician taking the plunge into homosexuality for fame and fortune, each man will see why they can’t remain 100% straight.This 22,500+ straight men turned gay erotica bundle set includes: Gay For My Best Friend, Gay For the Pool Boy, and Straight to Gay Musician.Gay For My Best Friend (Gay Straight mm Erotica)Brandon and Chris are best friends. They share just about everything except their sexual preference. So far it’s worked great for Brandon. Chris is the perfect wingman and his translation services help Brandon with the Mexican chicas.A bad decision with girls in a bar leads to a sticky situation (and not the good kind). Now they have to ‘prove’ they’re gay to get out of trouble. Just a simple kiss and they’ll be on their way but what happens after a straight guy kisses a gay guy?Gay For the Pool Boy (Gay Straight Interracial mm Erotica)Shawn Conner - America’s newest movie superstar - is straight or so he thinks. When a confrontation with his muscled Mexican pool boy turns physical, he develops strange new feelings he doesn’t understand.Coming out as gay would ruin his fledging movie career as a leading ladies man. If his body has its way, he may not have a choice but to indulge and hope nobody discovers his new love of cute Mexican men. Straight to Gay Musician (Gay Straight Interracial Menage Erotica)What or who would you do to make it as a music star? Would you agree to satisfy a trio of rough-and-ready musicians on tour? That’s the question Chris must answer if he wants to play. Does a straight guy want fame and fortune bad enough to satisfy three guys every night?

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