Gay Office Erotica Vol. 1 Dick Powers Author

Gay Office Erotica Vol. 1 Dick Powers Author
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Four gay erotica stories by Dick Powers. Included are the story of Tom Michael’s first threesome with his co-worker and the spunky CEO of the company he is trying to negotiate with, an older and more experienced mentor showing Tom how to love, an alpha male client that requires it all, and Tom’s little fling with the office mail man. There’s something for everyone within!‘Gay Office Erotica Vol. 1’ contains:# Gay Business #1: Salesman (Threesome)Tom Michaels’ life as a business man is frustrating. He is struggling with a difficult account that just doesn’t want to settle their negotiations. In steps, his super-hunk boss and the spunky CEO of the opposing company. They know what needs to be done and Tom is about to get his first lesson in ‘gay business’ – threesome style!# Gay Business #2: Mentor (Older Male / Romance)Tom is deeply unsure of his new life in the ‘gay business’ world and is wondering if he should quit his job and reject his sexuality for a more ‘safe’ occupation. Luckily, one handsome man is going to take all those cares away through his powerful ‘mentoring’; however, can Tom understand his mentor’s deeper message? Read on to find out!#Gay Business #3: Client (Alpha Male)Tom is in serious trouble this time as he is placed with the very sexy John for a visit to a new customer. When the customer makes the first move and Tom finds himself with a hand on his thigh, he is left with a choice: Bring John into the ‘gay business’ or find a way to ‘satisfy’ the customer without John knowing. This is the hardest ‘sale’ of Tom’s life!# Gay Business #4: Mail Man (Young Stud)Cornered by the mail man, Tom finds himself in unknown territory. The man knows about Tom’s ‘work’ and has proof, but is only asking for ‘satisfaction’ in exchange for silence. Tom is going to have a hard job on his hands as this is one internal customer that he just can’t fail to please.