Grab Bag 4: A Gay Erotica Anthology habu Author

Grab Bag 4: A Gay Erotica Anthology habu Author
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This fourth volume of habu’s Grab Bag collections contains fifteen all-new short stories and continues a series trend of eclectic gay male settings and plotlines presented in the order in which they were delivered for writing by habu’s fertile muse within the period of only a couple of months.This collection, atypically for habu, set mostly (but not wholly) in the United States, takes us from one coast to the other and through time from the antebellum period of the American South to the present and from schoolroom to jazz club.Included, in addition to story ideas just dropping from the sky, are stories inspired by e-mail exchanges with readers, requests for specific fetish stories, the exploration of a rarely written story specialty of habu’s-the gay male fetish of sounding-in both story and essay, and stories written specifically for themed contests. As always, though, the reader will also be entertained with representative tastes of habu’s signature gang banging, double penetration, domination, male prostitution, rough sex, older-younger, big black on small white, humor, bondage, twist endings, and gay romance themes.There might even be a vampire or two lurking about!