Grab Bag 6: A Gay Erotica Anthology habu Author

Grab Bag 6: A Gay Erotica Anthology habu Author
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Habu’s Grab Bag 6, contains standalone short stories habu wrote in the last half of 2014.Grab Bag 6 is the latest in a series of short story anthologies with eclectic gay male settings and plotlines presented in the order in which they were delivered to habu by his muse, within the period since the previous Grab Bag collection was assembled. In addition to random stories streaming down from habu’s muse, this collection includes stories written for themed contests. Variety and setting are always important in habu’s stories, and, as usual, the settings of these stories span the globe, from the United States, to the Caribbean, Europe, India, and Southeast Asia. And, as always, there are unusual stories that take fresh approaches to men taking their pleasure with other men.The overarching motivation for a habu story is that it try to be different in some way from ones he has written before, a tall order for a writer who has some 800 short stories published, but a goal we think has been achieved here. As with the previous Grab Bag series, we hope that readers will find stories to entertain, arouse, and evoke thought in this collection.