Sleeping with the Outlaw: Part 2 Lucas Loveless Author

Sleeping with the Outlaw: Part 2 Lucas Loveless Author
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This story begins right where Sleeping with the Outlaw Part 1 ends.TaylorDylan Ruff was an outlaw, and he had just taken my virginity. He had claimed me as his own. He had warned me he had a rough side, a controlling side, and he was right. When Dylan isn’t pounding my hole and giving me the most pleasure I’ve ever felt in my life, he’s barking orders at me. I get it. We’re on the run from his brother who’s trying to kill us, but I’m not the same, poor boy that I was before Dylan changed me.The more I talk back to Dylan, the more we want each other. But even the hottest sex of our lives isn’t enough to overcome our pasts. I want to love Dylan. I want to stay in love with this outlaw who’s stolen my heart, but his dark side scares me. He can be too aggressive. He can get too angry. I know he’s scared to fall in love with me, and I’m terrified, too.But after all the danger we’re in, after everything we’ve been through, after everything we’ve done to each other, I will fight for Dylan. He’ll fight for me – even if we have to die for each other.This is a gay erotica romance story. It is part one of a two-part story. It contains strong language, very explicit gay sex scenes, violence including guns and drug use. This story is intended for mature readers only.