Hot Lesbian Erotica Bundle Sage L. Morgan Author

Hot Lesbian Erotica Bundle Sage L. Morgan Author
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Sixty percent of straight women fantasize about lesbian sex. Are you one of them? Indulge your female fancies with this lesbian erotica bundle from author Sage L. Morgan. Contains four of her juiciest and most erotic lesbian shorts for half the combined retail price–over 18,000 words of wet lady loving! Lesbian’s Plaything: How does a nice Christian girl like Esther end up naked and blindfolded between two lesbians? Maybe it begins with an on campus run-in with classmate Holly while protesting with her Christian Republicans club. Little does she know, Holly is the horniest lesbian around, and she’s suddenly become inspired to show Esther the true meaning of original sin. Devil in a Red Dress: Newly-single Dizzy wants a girl’s night out, and Club Bite seems to be the right place to have it. She’s as straight as her ex-boyfriend’s joystick, thank you very much. So why is that woman in the red dress staring at her? Devil in High Heels: Dizzy thinks her encounter with lesbian vampire Cara was only a dream until she starts feeling ill and develops an aversion to sunlight. She seeks Cara out, who confirms her fears, but also shows her how fun being a vampire can be. One Last Night: Hayley and Jasmine are life-long friends who are about to head off to separate universities, making their last sleepover after graduation a bittersweet one. A bottle of stolen liquor and a game of truth or dare make the night a little more interesting, and somehow Hayley and Jasmine find themselves with their pajamas off, exploring every angle of their friendship and each other’s bodies. Excerpt from One Last Night: Jasmine inched forward and put her hands on my knees. They were soft and warm. She’d touched my knees before, of course, but never like this. Her fingertips dug into my skin, almost like she was desperate. She sucked my lip gently into her mouth, moaning again. My heart started pounding. Did I dare? I could feel the warmth radiating from her, she was that close. Feeling hot and more excited than ever, I reached out and touched her neck. Her shoulders tensed and relaxed, and her hands climbed higher up my thighs. I let my fingers fall down to her collarbone, tracing the natural dips and curves of her skin, letting them find their way into her cleavage. Jasmine sighed. She broke away and planted a kiss on my neck. “Is it okay if I do this, Hayley?” she whispered. “Yeah.” My voice came out weak and shaky. She pushed me on my back, making my head spin. She sucked at my neck and grazed her teeth along my skin. I felt her loose breasts pushing against mine through our shirts, the hard knobs of her nipples pressing against my skin. I parted my legs, somehow knowing it was the right thing to do, and lifted my hips to her. She pushed back. Our pelvises touched, and a gasp escaped my lips.

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