House on Park (Gay Erotica) Habu Author

House on Park (Gay Erotica) Habu Author
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BarbarianSpy Xtreme: Rough gay sex, domination and control, BDSM, orgy, and initial reluctance.A young classic automobile collector is doing no more than shopping for a new toy when he is seduced by, and becomes entrapped in, the never-ending sexual debauchery of himself and others at the hands of two master male lovers, in the seemingly possessed house on Park Street.It almost seems as if the sexual ravishment of anyone entering the house is being orchestrated by the house itself, and it requires all of the young man’s fortitude and strength—and the help of a smitten burglar—to break free of the siren song of the house on Park.This is an expanded version of the e-book, of the same title, previously published by eXcessica Publishing LLC.