I Love To Lick: Five Luscious First Lesbian Sex Erotica Stories Naughty Daydreams Press Author

I Love To Lick: Five Luscious First Lesbian Sex Erotica Stories Naughty Daydreams Press Author
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At Naughty Daydreams Press, we know how incredibly hot it can be to read about a straight woman having her first lesbian sex experience. Our authors write the best lesbian erotica in the business, and this steamy collection won’t disappoint. You’ll find a remarkable foursome, first lesbian sex in Europe, and even a surprise masturbation story that leads to explicit lesbian sex. It’s as good as it gets, and the getting’s good!1. BATH TIME: Risa’s First Lesbian Sex Experience (First Lesbian Sex Experiences) by Nancy BrocktonRisa and Laura have been best friends since childhood, and they have a secret. When they were little, they took baths together. As they grew up, unbeknownst to their parents and friends, they kept it up, an innocent time of relaxation between friends. They never even considered having lez sex. That is until Risa said that she might be moving away. So, Laura decides the next bath will have to be extra special, and she’s determined to give Risa her first, and best, Lesbian sex experience with her hands, her mouth, and her brand new sex toy, a waterproof vibrator. Laura is ready to have lesbian sex in the bath with her friend.2. KISSING IN COPENHAGEN: First Lesbian Sex with My Backpacking Girlfriend (European Summer Sexcapades 1) by Jane KempClara and Grace have been best friends for years, and their summer of backpacking in Europe is going splendidly. They splurge for a hotel, and the set up of their room means that Clara can see everything when Grace showers. She’s amazed at how fast entirely new feelings for her friend suddenly overwhelm her. It’s remarkable, but she Wants her friend. Lucky for Clara, Grace is excited too and is up for anything. In this case, that means a very first lesbian sex experience!3. Laura Learns to Love It Lesbian (Episode Four) (The Lawyer’s Mistress) by Jessica CrockerLaura Ranigan has fallen nicely into her role as superstar lawyer Tony Marick’s kept woman, but the infrequency of his visits weigh on her, and she’s desperately lonely. So, when he sends for her, she’s overjoyed to go to the fancy hotel he’s set up for her. A little later, though, his lovely wife arrives, and in a strange turn of events, ends up joining in for her first lesbian sex in a FFM menage.4. ALLISON’S AWAKENING (A First Orgasm and First Lesbian erotica story) (The More the Merrier) by Cindy JamesonAllison has never had an orgasm, and after a particularly frustrating date, she calls an old friend to cry on her shoulder. The tears don’t last long, though, because Connie knows just what to do. Can Connie, Rachel, and Chuck give Allison what she wants so badly? Follow her as she not only gets her first orgasm but she does it in style with her first foursome and first lez sex thrown in for good measure.5. DO YOU NEED SOME COMPANY?: Valerie’s First Lesbian Sex Experience (First Lesbian Sex Experiences) by Nancy BrocktonWhen Val comes to pick up her friend Trini to go on a shopping date, her inconsiderate friend is nowhere to be found. Pressed for time, she explores the house where she finds her in the bathroom…and she’s masturbating! The shopping trip is out the window and Val is in the shower for her very first lesbian sex experience! Val cannot resist and joins Trini for some lesbian shower sex.Warning: This ebook contains very graphic representations of various first lesbian sex encounters. It includes first lesbian sex, group sex, sex toys, bathroom sex, shower sex, oral sex, sex with multiple partners, FFM ménage, rough sex, anal sex, lez sex, reluctant sex and foursome sex. It is intended for mature readers who will not be offended by very explicit descriptions of sex between consenting adults.

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