Lesbian Erotica: Lesbian Vampire Romance Collection Spirited Sapphire Publishing Author

Lesbian Erotica: Lesbian Vampire Romance Collection Spirited Sapphire Publishing Author
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Lesbian Erotica: Lesbian Vampire Romance Collection LESBIAN EROTICA: BOUND TO BUDAPEST: AN EROTIC LESBIAN VAMPIRE ROMANCE Erzsebet travels to Hungary to visit the town of her ancestors and to visit the grave of her namesake, her great-great-great grandmother who died in 1815. Her family’s history was a scandalous one, including the fact that her great-great-great grandmother had a lesbian lover and Erzsebet’s suspicions that her family had ties to a long lineage of vampires, her trip to Budapest does more than just uncover some long-held secrets. LESBIAN EROTICA: LURED TO THE EMBRACE: A LESBIAN’S IMMORTAL TRANSFORMATION. Follow Vivie, a sexy young lesbian who has recently broken up with her long term partner. Headed for an evening out on the town with her best friend to try and forget about her ’ex’. Seeking refuge and distraction anywhere she can, Vivie chats up one of the attractive regular club patrons at the bar, but it distracts her from picking up on the subtle clues along the way that she might be in the presence of a lesbian vampire. Ordinary life as Vivie knows it, all at the moment of The Embrace. LESBIAN EROTICA: CONFESSIONS OF COUNSEL: I SEE VAMPIRES! Follow Lilah’s confessions to her counselor that she sees vampires. While probably not the most outrageous claim ever heard by a mental health doctor, Lilah’s counselor is unusually intrigued by these revelations from her patient. Both doctor and patient harbor dark secrets they strategically try to keep from one another. But when desire builds, and urges fight their containment, even the darkest of secrets can’t be kept hidden forever, no matter how expert the efforts may be. Find out how secrets are exposed, and professional boundaries are crossed, in this doctor-patient lesbian erotica vampire romance. LESBIAN EROTICA: WHEN TEACHER BITES: PROFESSOR’S LESBIAN SLUT Karrie, a virgin lesbian, struggles with the opinionated, obnoxious demeanor of one of her college professors, Dr. Eva Lessing. Karrie can’t help but ponder all the rumors that circulate on campus about Professor Lessing, amongst them, that the professor was a vampire. While simultaneously infuriated and attracted to the beautiful lesbian professor, Karrie is more consumed with her attraction to the lesbian professor vs. her intolerance of her. So many things are not as they seem as the professor makes revelations to Karrie, that in turn, unearth revelations about herself. Find out how this lesbian vampire romance plays out as Karrie unsheathes and explores her insatiable lesbian sex desires with her sapphic lesbian professor, becoming the professor’s private little lesbian slut. Be sure to check out the full library of lesbian erotica and lesbian romance books by Spirited Sapphire Publishing, available in both kindle and paperback formats. Follow Spirited Sapphire Publishing: www.SpiritedSapphire.com www.Pinterest.com/sapphicscribes www.Twitter.com/SapphoLove

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