Office Sex Erotica Sophie Sin Author

Office Sex Erotica Sophie Sin Author
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Four erotic short stories by Sophie Sin. Included are the story of an revenge orgy between four very angry workers with reasons to lust and loathe each other, how Jen got her promotion at the hands of everyone on the company’s board, a stalker abused then rewarded, and a porn theater manager going wild with the staff. There’s something for everyone within!‘Office Sex Erotica’ contains the following four stories:# Sex Delivered Hot (Orgy)On a wet rainy evening the perverted freaks of a a small town courier service explode into sexual deviance. Standing in the rain Big Ted weeps tears of rage as he watches his lover Slutty Jenny being used by another man. Meanwhile, Slick Eric’s only desire is to sexually devastate his new boss LA Sally after she accuses him of theft. Two men and women with less than stellar intentions in an orgy of depredation.# Get That Promotion (Alpha Male Orgy)All Jen wanted was to be left in peace. Why did Keith in HR have to choose her? Why did he have to single her out with his greedy, groping hands on her soft, smooth skin? Standing in front of the cold hard door of the executive board room where an orgy of powerful men drool for her flesh inside - to touch, to pinch and so much more - she has to wonder: Why her? Why promote Jen?# Unacceptable Behavior (Domination)Daniel The Stalker waits expectantly for his prey. The young sexy well-endowed temp Cindy doesn’t see him there - lewdly staring and salivating. She’s getting closer. His hands already itch to tear her white blouse away and molest her. However, it’s not meant to be. The young buck is toppled by a stronger man who takes Daniel’s prize. Cindy is deeply pleasured, but that isn’t the end for her. Her sexy master sends her to be used by Daniel - any way he wants.# Sex At The MoviesYou’re a loser and I’m leaving you for Jenny! she shouts. Henry isn’t having a good day. Alone, horny, and a porn theater manager, he isn’t in the best situation to be dumped. However, this is set to change. It starts with a 18 year old sneaker and extends to a twosome of dirty girl staff members of only 18 and 19 years of age. The youngsters can’t seem to get enough of Henry’s fat member. ‘Life is a challenge, so penetrate it - deeply’ is his new motto.

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