Older Gay Man Younger Man Bundle (Short Age Difference Erotica) Tabatha Allen Author

Older Gay Man Younger Man Bundle (Short Age Difference Erotica) Tabatha Allen Author
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Genre: Age Different Erotica / Older Men with Younger MenThree stand alone short stories about gay men with younger (or older men) in one bundle set!Read about a young man with eyes for his older neighbor, a trucker with a young hitchhiker, or an older man going to a doctor for some very special therapy.This 24,200 word older men / younger men collection includes: Older Gay Neighbor, Gay Male Hitchhiker, and Doctor Gay - Muscle Therapy .Older Gay NeighborFrom behind his window, Mike catches what glimpses he can of his older muscle bound German neighbor: Mister Hoffman. With his bulging muscles and short military haircut he’s a fine piece of German engineering guaranteed to drive any man wild.He’s also his best friend’s dad and currently married, so off limits. Sure they’re both adults (and what fine adults they are) but they can’t satisfy their simmering lust… can they?Gay Male HitchhikerIt’s lonely driving a big rig truck across America. Rick knows all too well the male needs that go unattended on the road.A decision to pick up a young hitchhiker gives Rick a chance to satisfy months of pent up frustration. It also gives a younger gay a ride he desperately needs.Doctor Gay - Muscle TherapyAfter a bad break-up, Roger can’t enjoy his favorite love muscle anymore.His friend sends him to a very special doctor familiar with all sorts of intense physical therapy.Doctor Gay’s in-depth treatments are the best in the business, but will they be enough to give Roger his confidence?Author Note: These are short standalone erotica stories with no cliffhanger.

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