Paranormal Erotica: Paramore Candra Aubrey Author

Paranormal Erotica: Paramore Candra Aubrey Author
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Paramore is a Paranormal Erotica short story - M/F. This erotica short story contains explicit content, erotic situations, graphic language and is suitable for readers 18 and over.Paramore Weldon is a pretty young woman and is cursed, literally. Two years ago, her witch half-sister, Olivia, put a spell on her for something that was beyond her control. Her sister’s love interest fell for her instead. Olivia bade her time and then put an hex on her. The curse is simple: Paramore has to have sex every twenty-four hours or she’ll die. The catch is, although she is instantly attractive to people of the opposite sex, once they have sex with her, they never want to see her again.The only cure is to find true love – and not have sex until he confesses his love for her. Now she has to work against time every single day to make a sexual conquest who can satisfy her to make sure she stays alive. Is she doomed to be on her own forever? Or can she find her one true love?Excerpt:Twenty-one year-old Paramore Weldon was cursed. We’re not talking she had a string of bad luck. She was completely and utterly Cursed. It wasn’t her fault, really. It was her witch of a sister – and that literal, not as in rhymes with. Olivia was only a few months younger than Paramore and had been twelve when Paramore’s mother died, sending the half orphan to live with her father, step-mother, and jealous half-sister. Things might’ve been okay if Olivia hadn’t brought her boyfriend home days before she turned eighteen. He’d fallen and fallen hard. Unfortunately, the object of his affections hadn’t been Olivia, but the quiet, reserved Paramore.

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