Paranormal Erotica: Vineyards and Gardens Parker Heimann Author

Paranormal Erotica: Vineyards and Gardens Parker Heimann Author
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Vineyards and Gardens is a Paranormal and Interspecies Erotica short story - M/F. This erotica short story contains explicit content, erotic situations, graphic language and is suitable for readers 18 and over.A story of Dionysus, the god of wine and sex, still rules in a small valley near a mountain village. Even though he still has followers, he no longer enjoys the power he once had. He has to amuse himself by luring the women of the village into his lair. Even though he is surrounded by nymphs and satyrs and he has access to all of the wine and sex he could want, he still wants a challenge. He plays music that only women can hear, and from time to time, one will wander over from the village to join his life of debauchery. A new husband warns his bride not to heed the call as once she joins Dionysus, she will never return. Instead of being frightened, she is intrigued. Will she be able to ignore the wild, enticing music or will she simply endure her restless, sleepless nights?Excerpt:Collapsing after their orgy, two couples of satyrs and nymphs lay lazily as they waited to regain strength for another round.“Do you think,” one of the satyrs said as he looked up to the skies, “that the humans will ever regain the respect for our lord that they used to?”One of the nymphs gave a heavy breathe of annoyance. “The humans have become so weak in these later times, haven’t they? All those laws and talk about modesty. I doubt those golden days will come back again.”“There was a time,” one of the Satyrs said with a delightful gaze in his eyes, “where these mountains ran with desire and dripped with blood.”“The days of the maenads – that was a good time,” the second nymph said.“Sex, wine, and violence,” the happy Satyr mused. “Freedom.”“Do not expect those days to come back again,” an interrupting voice said.They knew the voice well. The couples looked up at their lord, Dionysus, standing over them. He was still looking down, more so than they were used to seeing him.“Are you still trying to get the human woman to join us, lord?” said one of the Satyrs.“She resists me,” Dionysus answered. “I do not know if she knows how to respond to my call. Perhaps I should give up.”“Perhaps you should keep trying,” one of the nymphs said as she crawled on the ground and kissed the lord’s feet. “These humans do not know how to respond to divinity at first – but in time they listen and learn. They are such frightful and reserved creatures. You know that.”