Passion Rules the Night (Vampire Dance #6) (Menage / Paranormal Erotic Romance / Erotica) Locklyn Swallow Author

Passion Rules the Night (Vampire Dance #6) (Menage / Paranormal Erotic Romance / Erotica) Locklyn Swallow Author
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Exotic dancer Lily James is a free spirit when it comes to sexy encounters, but a fun and flirty night with her best friend, Meghan Thompson, and Meghan’s vampire lover Eric may not turn out how Lily expects especially when the dark and sultry Grayson Locke comes upon the scene.[SHORT STORY]If you’re looking for more Locklyn Swallow titles, check out Erotic Triple the Fun (Erotica / Erotic Paranormal Romance). 3 sexy Lily James stories in one.Sex on the Quad series: Sex and the Coed 3-pack (Erotic romance / erotica) (3 hot and sexy stories)Or Sex & the Coed and Other Stories: 7 Swallows (Erotic romance / Erotica) - 7 sizzling stories - 3 Lily James stories, Love by Moonlight and 3 Coed stories. Buy the 7-pack and save even more money.Looking for sensual erotic romance, why not try the Erotic Love by Romance series: LOVE BY MOONLIGHT and its sequel, LOVE BY CHANCE and LOVE BY DISGUISE. DISCLAIMER: This book is for sale to ADULT audiences only. It contains sexually explicit scenes and graphic language. Must be 18 years or older to purchase.Excerpt:Lily James leaned forward and breathed in Eric Moore’s scent, a combination of musk and leather, as she brushed her lips against his full bottom lip. “You smell so good,” she cooed before leaning back away from him.She watched him smile that cocky smile of his before he reached up and buried his hands in her long black hair. He began pulling her ever so slowly toward him until she was only inches from his face. Lily closed her emerald green eyes and waited. She felt his gentle kisses on her forehead, her eyelids, her cheeks, moving ever closer to her lips. She waited to feel his lips on hers, flesh pressed to flesh, but instead his tongue glided over them soft as a feather.“Hmmm…berry and citrus. You taste as good as you look,” he said. Lily trembled at his touch, willing him to kiss her, but was afraid to rush this incredibly passionate moment. She wanted to devour every part of him. The man was just too damn good-looking, like Brad Pitt in Legends of the Fall good-looking. With a mane of blond hair that nearly touched his shirt color, striking blue eyes, perfect straight white teeth and a strong jaw line, the man was nearly perfect. What girl could resist that? She kept her eyes closed hoping for the kiss and the taste of his tongue, but instead he tilted her head to the side. She felt his hot breath on her neck and then his fangs scraping along the length of the vein, pulsing with her lifeblood. She inhaled sharply when she felt the prick on her skin. It wasn’t her first contact with a vampire, in fact, she had been seeing another vampire herself for several months on and off, but there was something so appealing and sexy about Eric that she couldn’t help herself. In her limited experience with vampires, the prick and drawing of blood was just the first act and a shiver of delight went up her spine.