Playboy Book of Science Fiction by Alice K. Turner

Playboy Book of Science Fiction by Alice K. Turner
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Since its beginning almost a half a century ago," Playboy" has given authors the freedom to address adult themes and controversial issues. This has proven irresistible to writers who have something new or different to say–which includes most of the top names in the field of science fiction.

In this extraordinary diverse collection, covering SF’ s most provocative half century, you will find the works of such acknowledged masters as Arthur C. Clarke, Ray Bradbury, and Ursula K. Le Guin, along with daring forays by innovators like Harlan Ellison, Lucius Shepard, and Howard Waldrop, leavened with surprise appearances by Donald E. Westlake, Doris Lessing, and even Billy Crystal.

The stories assembled here provide a glittering array of science fiction at its" uncensored" best, form the Golden Age to the New Wave, from Cyberpunk to Virtual Sex.