Polly's Package (crossdresser transvestite gay erotica) J.S. Rylan Author

Polly's Package (crossdresser transvestite gay erotica) J.S. Rylan Author
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Michael is new to the big city. On his first night out he discovers a new bar as well as the enchanting Miss Polly Anna. The pair share drinks and dance, and as the evening winds down Polly invites him home. But will what she reveals in the privacy of her apartment ruin their perfect evening? This 3800 word story contains crossdressing, sweet boys from out of town, fellatio and anal sex.*****“Why don’t you go have a seat on the couch? I’m just going to go freshen up a bit.” Polly sat her purse and keys on the small bar adjacent to the kitchen, and then disappeared down a small hallway. Michael leaned forward, watching her go. He felt awfully rude staring at her that way, but she had invited him home. It was okay to look at her rear end, wasn’t it?Sitting back with a sigh, Michael tried to make sense of the night. He wandered into a random bar and met this bombshell of a woman. She bought him drinks, danced with him, and then brought him home. What were the odds? He smiled as he thought on his luck.Polly reappeared a moment later, now barefoot and looking refreshed. Michael was prepared to be a gentleman and invite her to sit down beside him, but Polly had other ideas. She hiked her tight skirt up to her thighs and then straddled his, settling into his lap.“Now, where were we?”Michael gasped as Polly’s lips found his. He wasn’t so naïve as to assume she was inviting him over for coffee, but he certainly didn’t expect her to end up on top of him so quickly! The gentleman in him fought with his more base desires and lost. His hands gripped her ass through her tight skirt. He was hungry for her.Her tongue teased at the seam of his lips before they parted, and Polly deepened the kiss. Michael groaned at the taste of her, his eyes slipping shut. Polly obviously knew what she was doing, and he let her guide the kiss. He was happy to remain passive until Polly caught his tongue between her lips and sucked at it. The sensation hit his nerves like a bolt of lightning, striking his core and traveling straight down to his cock. Michael groaned and his body arched up to her, desperate for relief.As he pressed against her, he noticed something hard pressing back against his stomach. It was strange enough that he reached out, brushing his hand against the firm thing barely hidden by Polly’s skirt. Michael’s brows knitted as he broke the kiss, drawing back to look at her.“What’s that?”