Remoto Clea Kinderton Author

Remoto Clea Kinderton Author
Categories: Books, Girl Erotica
Brand: Red Lamp Press
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Forget vibrating panties! Dr. Jordan Tilley is starting a revolution. A sexual revolution that promises to make men obsolete. And that revolution takes the form of a little technological gadget not much bigger than a hard-boiled egg.With the aid of her sexy ex-porn star (and gold star) lesbian girlfriend Leandra, and the gorgeous and vivacious LadyVibes daytime talk show host Bibi Bae, Dr. Jordan Tilley is making space-age sex toys go viral with her revolutionary teledildonic device Remoto. But this year’s most exciting stocking stuffer can’t help but attract the attention of the cunning and beautiful silver fox Audra Forsythe, owner and CEO of LadyMax Cosmetics.Cornered in a changeroom, contract negotiations between Jordan and Audra break down into a full remote-contact sport. But their shady business arrangements are blown sky-high when Leandra catches her girlfriend dipping her pen in the corporate ink. Faced with the prospect of a messy breakup, Jordan is forced to cede to a hostile takeover. It seems that Audra isn’t the only one willing to apply market pressure to manipulate a hot commodity. Everyone wants a piece of Jordan’s lucrative technological pie!This sizzling girl-on-girl erotica short strips bare the future of long-distance love, exposing a humanity reduced to its basic instincts. See what all the buzz is about! (Approx. 25 pages.)