Romance Erotica: Without You Julles Munsen Author

Romance Erotica: Without You Julles Munsen Author
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Without You is a Romance and Couple’s Erotica short story - M/F. This erotica short story contains explicit content, erotic situations, graphic language and is suitable for readers 18 and over.Liz and Mike have only been together for a short while. From the moment they met, they were immediately compatible. Now, they have to be separated for the first time since they got together. The wait is unbearable for both of them. It was inevitable for her to travel. For him, it was necessary to stay back in the town. The days passed somehow. But the nights? Imagining each other and lying awake till small hours…naked, with his own hands not doing much good. Could their romance get through the long dark nights of separation?Excerpt:I smiled absently, not really listening to Elizabeth as she talked excitedly about her trip on way to the airport. She is never disturbed or at unease. At least I have never seen her agitated over anything over the past ten months we have been together. Less than an hour ago, she was in my arms - sizzling and passionate. Now she is going away to London. Okay, it is just for three days but still she will be AWAY!I guess I was sulking like a teenager. I had been since morning. It was all wrong. I was the one who encouraged her for this trip. I never thought it to be a big deal, this short separation between Liz and me. She had been looking forward to this international fashion show and I realized how important it was for her to travel to London just now. It may prove to be a great career boost for my young aspiring fashion model girlfriend. But then I had all the plans to accompany her. I never knew then that these surgical emergencies would crop at the hospital and I would be stuck up here at New York.“Dr. Michael White, you are far away already?” Liz waved a hand in front of my face. “Eh? No, I was just thinking about the hospital”“Hospital? Some hot nurse joined?” I have never found Liz serious or sad or even a teeny-weeny ruffled. And that’s why I loved her this much. I mean liked her… It is a beautiful bond that we two share. It has not even been a full year since I met Elizabeth at a social gathering. My liking for this young budding fashion model was instant. The moment she entered the party hall, her great body, her shining blue eyes, and copper hair lured me in her enticing charisma. But it is not just her hourglass figure but her effervescence and cheery outlook that made us gel. Though she is almost half my age, her response to my overtures was also no less quick. Most women tell me I have a masculine appeal which most females fall for. Within a week of our first night together, Liz had moved into my apartment as it was big and convenient. There has never been any commitment, no strings attached, just a union of convenience. It was a convenience of a happy and satisfying co-existence. She had been a bubbly and cheerful company. I have always loved to experiment in bed and Liz was always more than eager to cooperate.

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