Sandi Morrigan Erotica Collection: Volume One Sandi Morrigan Author

Sandi Morrigan Erotica Collection: Volume One Sandi Morrigan Author
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The First Collection of Sandi Morrigan Erotica. 4 short stories plus one novella, all briming with steamy lesbian erotica, teens, milfs and good times. I hope you enjoy!==============Jenna From The ClubFor the past few years, twenty-two-year-old Claudia had been feeling like there was something wrong with her, given her sex-life had basically consisted of nothing more than fooling around with her friends in high school. She desires to meet the right person and come out of her shell as the fun-loving, sexy party girl she has always wanted to be.On a night out with her friends, Claudia can’t help notice the beautiful, young ladies dancing and shaking their hips, teasing her. That is until one notices her - Jenna, a sexy young blonde bombshell with legs to die for and the most beautiful eyes.After hitting it off instantly, they both feel the same electric passion for one another and decide it would be a good idea to take their new friendship to a whole new lever. It’s not long before they head off to Jenna’s house and indulge in a night of exciting, much needed passion.==============Lesbian Lust: Beach BabesSex on the beach, we all love it, don’t we? Or how about making love to your girlfriend with a brand new vibrating toy in your holiday villa?Vikki & Amy-Vikki and Amy find themselves in a secluded cove on the beach. When Vikki drops a huge bombshell about her sexuality, Amy wants to find out about it for herself.Becky & Emma -After catching her girlfriend, Becky, using a sex toy on herself in their holiday villa, Emma feels they should try it out together. Later that night, bored of Spanish TV, they Becky decided that now is the time for them to share their new toy.==============Lesbian Lust: Sara’s Office RomanceSara is in for a sexy surprise when she gets to work that day. Her luscious boss, Sharon, has noticed her looking preoccupied lately, and decided to help her.Before she knows it, Sara finds out just how the boss keeps the girls happy around the office.==============Lesbian Lust: Girls and ToysNot many girls can say that their friends hot mother has seduced them when they go round to their friends place.Tess, on the other hand, gets a big surprise when she realises her friend is running late and is left with her her mother putting the moves on her.Things heat up as mature mother Laura seduced her way into 19 year old Tess’s panties and shows her what making love to a woman is all about.With spice, seduction and sex toys, Laura and Tess create the kind of relationship they could only dream of before.==============Sensual Seduction: Secrets of a SocialiteYou think you had problems as a teenager? Meet Kim Best.Kim hadn’t long turned eighteen, and being the daughter of a socialite was tough on her. As well as being aware of her mother’s promiscuity towards her publishers and editor, neither of them had much to say to one another, leaving Kim to feel a little neglected.Things become worse when she is asked to head round to the house of the famous Mila Brighton, one of the city’s most known names. Its there that Kim learns that being eighteen comes with a lot more problems than she thought, one being that a lot of people want to sink their claws into your young, tight flesh.After a seemingly innocent visit To Mila Brighton’s home turns into a dirty seduction ploy, Kim finds herself experiencing new feelings for the same sex.Things get even worse when she finds out that she has essentially become a replacement for interests payments on a loan her mother got from Mila.Angry and confused, Kim spends the next few days feeling like her head is about to explode whilst dealing with her new found lust for women.

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