Sexy Erotica Vol. 2 Sophie Sin Author

Sexy Erotica Vol. 2 Sophie Sin Author
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Several erotica stories by Sophie Sin. Included are the story of a web designer and a hot intern who end up doing some hot anal in the company cafeteria, a married couple seeking out a well hung experience, Santa solving a couple’s problems a very adult fashion, a cheating wife that seeks sexy revenge on several farm workers, and a young man seducing a MILF for her money and more, and many more. There is something for everyone within!A few of the stories in ‘Sexy Erotica Vol. 2’ are:# Cafe Anal (Domination)“Who does this?” Those words dominate a naughty little book that brings a geeky web designer and a hot intern together for a one time bash in the most craziest way and place ever. Breathtakingly hot throughout!# A Greater Thickness (Well Hung)Couples satisfy their fantasies in all kinds of ways, but this pair of naughty married folk enjoy something different. Odd pleasures and the secrets of the sexy and married lie within.# Christmas For Him & Her (Romance)When something is missing, sometimes the only way to find it is through the help of someone special and big and dressed in red. A Christmas present for two.# Paid To Please (MILF Seduction)She was hot and older and devious and he was destitute and young and sexy and needed her money. Two people, two fantasies and their fulfillment in the pages of this naughty little book.# She Cheats A Lot (Cheating)That fool made a deal and now Kimberly Jones, wife of Danny The Cheater, is on the road to get her revenge and so much more from rural men of tough backgrounds and unclear morals. Totally beyond anything ever created by any erotic author anywhere. This is a classic in the making…. and many more stories inside.

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