Sexy Erotica Vol. 5 Sophie Sin Author

Sexy Erotica Vol. 5 Sophie Sin Author
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Several erotica stories by Sophie Sin. Included are the story of a dentist and her busty assistant taking advantage of a patient’s ‘special situation’, a ghetto MILF piano teacher tutoring a young man in the arts of seduction, an orgy with friends spawned from a game of truth or dare, and many more. There is something for everyone within!A few of the stories in ‘Sexy Erotica Vol. 5’ are:# Dentist Patient Sex Play (Big Breasts)In Dentist Patient Sex Play a patient signs up for a little ’extra treatment’ and gets more than he bargained for under the hands of a trim and sexy female dentist and her big breasted receptionist.# Horny Piano Teacher (MILF)In Horny Piano Teacher a young black man comes under the sexual scrutiny of the hot ghetto MILF piano teacher that has occupied most of his fantasies since the day he left town for the wider world of adult delights. A ruler, discipline and a return to the piano teacher.# Orgy With Friends (Orgy)In Orgy With Friends things turn sexual after a drunken game of Truth or Dare gets a little out of hand. Unlikely to see each other again anytime soon, five friends decide that tonight is the perfect night to see how far they can take things and just what sex means for a friendship.# Small Town Groupie Threesome (Threesome)In Small Town Groupie Threesome a young man is saddened by the disparity between the reality of being a musician and the fantasy. Tonight that young man is going to experience everything that he’s been missing and then some. Super hot threesome action!# Co-Ed Spa Pool Sex (Romance)In Co-Ed Spa Pool Sex brings the unexpected into one young woman’s life as her crush makes a move leading to one of the hottest and most public experiences of her entire 23 years of life.

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