Spring Break Stunts: Seven Short Dark Erotica Stories Naomi Blush Author

Spring Break Stunts: Seven Short Dark Erotica Stories Naomi Blush Author
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Are you ready for a little bit of fun?Like voyeurism on the beach, against the waves?Do you have what it takes to survive the desires in the shadows?How much can take until you break?Everybody needs an escape from the simple life, seven stories, covering a week of excitement and tantalizing teases. Explicit entertainment and steamy romances make you crave more. Grab your swimsuit, there is nothing but sunshine and seduction to soak up.Spring Break Stunts is a Seven Day Dark Erotica Short Stories Collection.18+ Explicit language, sexual scenes, stalker role playing, age-gap.The following books are combined in the box set.Are you ready for Spring Break?Day 1:Spring Break Boyfriend: Bessie & JaylenAdventure is waiting over spring break, away from classes, careers, and the overwhelming promise of the future. Jaylen has a question; he will get down on his knees and beg his queen to accept.Day 2:Spring Break Status: Carter & CoraCarter and Cora have been best friends since they could walk.These two have done everything together, graduated high school, lost their V cards, go to the same college.Day 3:Spring Break Breakup: Travis and Chastity, and MoeTravis is blackmailing me into having a threesome with him and his girlfriend Moe.Day 4:Spring Break Secrets: Franco & GabrielleThe sexual tension between them has been building and what starts out as a feisty shirtless argument on the beach, turns into a heated mediation behind closed doors. These two can’t seem to keep their hands off each other, this time around away from the eyes of their parents and peers. It might just be more affection than an altercation.Day 5:Spring Break Sweetheart:I can smell her from here.Stalker Horror EroticaDay 6:Spring Break Babe: Mr. Oakland & AspenMr. Oakland says I am in trouble, that my behavior has been deemed naughty. But I’ve always been a nice girl.There are lessons I am sure he will teach me, and I can’t wait to find out what they are.Day 7:Spring Break Second Chances: Aris & LutherLast spring break, I broke his heart. I was never supposed to see him again, but there he is waiting for me.Aris. My name on his lips is so perfect, I clench my body tight.Luther. Even I can’t pretend I haven’t said it in a moan.