Surprise Sex Encounters (Five Unexpected Sex Erotica Stories) Erika Hardwick Author

Surprise Sex Encounters (Five Unexpected Sex Erotica Stories) Erika Hardwick Author
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Surprise sex encounters are always the best, and bestselling erotica author Erika Hardwick knows how to write about the unexpected! In this red-hot collection, you’ll find surprise lesbian sex, surprise group sex, and even a surprise double penetration!1. DEIRDRE’S FIRST DOUBLE PENETRATION: The Slut Wife’s Husband Shares Her with His Friend (An Erotica Story)Deirdre is a perfect example of a slut wife, but she hasn’t yet had the opportunity to prove it yet. She spends long hours with her vibrator imagining sleeping with different men. Don’t think she’s unfaithful, she loves her husband, but some women need more. The good news for her is that her man is perfectly willing to give more. In fact, he’s willing to get right into a wife share with his best friend, and Deirdre is in for a big treat, an MMF threesome sex experience complete with double penetration.2. LOVING LAWRENCE AND LILLY (A MFF Threesome Sex Erotica Story with First Lesbian Sex)It’s hard being the only single girl on Lexington Lane, but when Felicia runs into the perfect MILF, Lilly, she learns that single and young doesn’t mean you have to do without hardcore sex in her neighborhood! Before long, she’s in the middle of her first lesbian sex experience, and when the cougar’s husband Lawrence shows up and catches them, it’s her first ménage a trois!3. NO WAY OUT (A Reluctant Gangbang at Sex Club erotica story)Larissa has been moping around for a while now, trying to get over her failed relationship, and her friend Carys has had enough of it! Carys is taking her out and plans on making sure she gets over her ex. Of course, it’s hard to think about a rotten ex with all of your holes filled up, and when Larissa is cast reluctantly right into the middle of a rough and reluctant gangbang, her old boyfriend is the last thing on her mind. Instead, she’s focused on all the cocks pointed right at her, her first anal sex experience, and the scorching double penetration!4. PAULA’S FRIDAY NIGHT WIFE SWAP (A First Swinger Sex Erotica Story)Trent and Paula have always been sexually adventurous, and both of them want to bring another person into the bedroom. Still, they’re finding it hard to be both spontaneous and responsible. They don’t want things to be awkward with a friend, and neither is really sure what to do. When Trent discovers a swingers club, they give it a shot. Things still don’t seem to be working out though, but then they come across Patrick and Jamie, and everything changes. Back at their home, Jamie experiences more than she ever has before as this slut wife gets her first lesbian sex, her first double team sex, and her very first anal sex!5. SEDUCED AT THE CLUB (A First Lesbian Sex with Friend Short)Kirsten is a bit tired of her wild and sexy friend Wendy treating her like a prude just because she doesn’t walk around behaving like a complete and utter slut all the time! On the other hand, she does want to appear adventurous, so when her friend convinces her to go panties-less for their night out, she agrees. Of course, she didn’t know Wendy just wanted eager access to her friend’s pussy and that she’d be having her very first lesbian sex experience right at the club where anyone could see!Warning: This ebook contains very explicit descriptions of sexual activity during various surprise sex encounters. It includes surprise first anal sex encounters, surprise group sex encounters, surprise double team sex encounters, surprise double penetration sex encounters, surprise gangbang sex encounters, and surprise first lesbian sex encounters. It is intended for mature readers who will not be offended by graphic depictions of sex acts between consenting adults.Surprise sex encounters are waiting, so download this scorching collection today and prepare to be amazed!

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