Temptation for the Teacher [Teacher Erotica/Interracial Erotica] Marlo Peterson Author

Temptation for the Teacher [Teacher Erotica/Interracial Erotica] Marlo Peterson Author
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Some naughty little school girls love nothing more than hiking up their little skirts, bending over and let their teachers spank that naughty little ass. These nympho school girls will get that and so much more, until they’re sore and walking funny, thanks to these alpha male teachers who know how to dominate them. Naughty for Teacher:Bianca’s flirtations reach new levels when she shows up to class with no panties on. Professor Winfield can’t concentration, because her smooth brown skin and full thighs are on full display, not to mention that he nearly catches a glimpse of her hot little kitten. He’s so frustrated that he makes her stay after class. Bianca soon learns her lesson, as she is manhandled, spanked and dominated by an alpha male of a different persuasion. EXCERPT: “Bend over my knee, now,” I told her. I sat down on the desk and stripped off my belt, looking to her, waiting for her to obey me. She nodded her head and tried to hide her smile. It would appear that the little slut enjoyed being spanked. I was going to make her feel it. She knelt across my lap and pointed her bubble butt in the air. I slid her skirt all the way up to her back, exposing her naked black ass, along with the tramp stamp she had above her booty. I rubbed my hand in circles around her entire ass, enjoying the way that it felt against my palm. “Are you going to spank me, professor? I’ve been naughty as fuck,” Bianca said.Naughty Little Teacher’s Pet:Michelle’s Double D cups are spilling out of her teeny tiny top as she leans over Professor Thomas’ desk, tempted him with her goodies. Professor Thomas, a handsome black man, is used to women coming onto him, and isn’t going to jump at Michelle’s games like young boys might. But he WILL take her up on her offer… He tells her to meet him in his office after class. After Michelle closes the door behind her, she learns what an alpha male is all about. She learns that lesson on her knees, with a red ass spanking, and by being being over the desk and rammed hard. Will she become his favorite little teacher’s pet? Either way, Michelle is learning a HOT lesson that she will love and never forget. EXCERPT: Michelle tried to hide her smile. “Then, you want to feel me deep inside of you, and you want me to make you feel better than you’ve ever felt before. Does that sound about right?” I asked. Michelle paused for a second, before responding. “Yes, professor Thomas,” she said. “Alright then, come on over here so that I can spank your slutty little ass,” I told her. I rolled my chair out from under my desk and motioned for her to come get her punishment. Michelle blushed as she stood to her feet. Just as she was about to kneel over my lap, I stopped her. “Hold on,” I said. She paused. “Reach into my desk and get the long, metal ruler. I’m going to turn your ass red with that,” I said.

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