The Futa Awakens: An after Dark Erotica Harmony Fuller Author

The Futa Awakens: An after Dark Erotica Harmony Fuller Author
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An ancient ruin holds a BIG secret.Eevie has spent her life studying the Futanari, an ancient Amazonian civilization nestled deep within the jungle. Now, the only thing standing between her and the ruins that will make or break her career are three terrified men warning her of a supernatural evil. Undeterred, Eevie leaves the men behind in a search for the truth about what happened to Futanaris.Inside the ruins she finds evidence of a culture that revolved around pleasure. An old temple, long forgotten and falling to pieces, tells the story of female passions beyond words. With dusk falling she has no choice but to wait out the night under the watchful eye of the temple’s guardian gargoyle.Images of naughty women, long forgotten, drive Eevie to seek relief wherever she can find it. Luckily for her, the temple’s stone guardian has a large surprise between her legs. Thinking herself alone, Eevie helps herself and ends up waking a stone goddess with a hunger for pleasure.Will Eevie be able to return to a boring life of academia, or will fantasies of hard stone finally break down all her walls?