The Green Bush Erotica Collection 2019 Elliot Silvestri Author

The Green Bush Erotica Collection 2019 Elliot Silvestri Author
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Green Bush Publishing’s annual collection of fine erotica is back for 2019!This year’s edition features Elliot Silvestri’s 2018 NaNoWriMo winning novel Raffe the Rake along with twelve other stories and novellas featuring lactation erotica,cuckolding and the best in erotic fantasy fiction.Total length is 540,000 words.Content warning: These stories feature a wide variety of human sexuality including graphic sex, oral sex, anal sex, lesbian sex, masturbation, bondage and discipline, erotic lactation, sex with non-human sentients, voyeurism, BDSM, group sex, and other depictions of adult sexuality that might not appeal to all readers. Strong language and adult only content.Contents:Raffe the RakeJacki’s MilkMilk & HoneyCuckold VacationSweet TreatsMargaret Over BillyPrincess Not-So-InnocentMilk GirlsMilk SlaveCuckold CheatSexy PregThe UrgeMilk FeverFrom Raffe the Rake:Once again Uninterested barely gave him a glance. “Aren’t you supposed to be representing your family and trying to negotiate a marriage with the queen’s daughter?”“I am,” he said, happy to be in conversation with her again. “But everyone knows that the queen is never going to consent to marry a minor lord from an unimportant chunk of land nobody wants. I’m just here to make sure nothing untoward happens.”“Are you that minor lord?”“That I would be.”Uninterested stopped and looked Raffe over. “Yes. You would not make an appropriate husband for the princess.”“It’s good to agree on something.”“There are a whole host of young women the queen has instructed the matriarchs to marry this season. Perhaps you will do well to join yourself with one of them.”Raffe let out a polite laugh. He knew the game of politics and royal courts. He just hated the game and rarely played. “I doubt it. Any woman I married would have to accept the fact that I’m going to have many, many partners in my bed.”“I see,” she said primly.“Women of Ashton don’t fancy their husbands bedding anyone other than their wives,” Raffe said unnecessarily.“We have ways of making sure they don’t,” Uninterested said firmly.“I know. That’s why I’d never bed an Ashton woman.”“That’s too bad,” said Uninterested. “We’re often looking for men who can slip into our beds. Men other than our husbands.”“Do tell,” Raffe said, his smile in place.

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