The Punishing Polly Collection (College Girl Erotica) Kelli Wolfe Author

The Punishing Polly Collection (College Girl Erotica) Kelli Wolfe Author
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Polly just wants to graduate from college, but somehow she is always getting into some sort of trouble with her boss or her neighbors, and whenever that happens there seems to be only one way to fix things.Polly and Her Neighbor: When nineteen-year-old Polly backs into her neighbor Josh’s brand new car and decides not to leave a note she thinks she’s gotten away scot-free. But her luck runs out when Josh shows up that night with photos of the accident and threatens to turn her over to the police. He’s furious and wants her punished for what she did. Just how far will Polly go to convince Josh to let her off the hook?Polly and Her Boss: When nineteen-year-old Polly comes to work late yet again she’s worried that her boss is going to yell at her. But this time Mr. Evans has had enough and threatens to fire her. Polly is living paycheck to paycheck and if she gets fired she’ll lose everything she has. Is she willing to do whatever it takes to persuade him to keep her on the payroll?Polly and Her Doctor: Nineteen-year-old Polly hates going to the doctor, and her annual medical exam is always unpleasant. She hates it even more when she finds out that her insurance was canceled and she’s on the hook for a pile of bills that she can’t hope to pay. But then her doctor offers a proposal that will get her off the hook—involving a threesome with him and his nurse. How much is Polly willing to do to pay off her bills?Polly and Her Preacher: After her recent misadventures nineteen-year-old Polly can’t stop thinking about sex, and the memories leave her burning with sinful desires. It was bad enough doing all the things she did to get out of trouble, but did she have to enjoy them, too? Then she remembers the one person who might be able to help—her preacher seems to be the kind of man who can handle any sort of problem. But as part of her penance the preacher insists that she must be punished for her sinful deeds. Will Polly submit to the preacher’s punishments to relieve herself of her wicked longings?