Three To Play Paul Ramirez Author

Three To Play Paul Ramirez Author
Categories: Books, Gay Erotica
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Alex has the host for Josh, the new guy at work. Talking to his partner Martin, they decide it’s time to spice up their sex life by inviting Josh over. Josh isn’t quite sure about the whole affair - Alex is his boss, and although he’s hot, shouldn’t business be kept separate from pleasure? Josh decides that one little drink won’t hurt, however… WARNING: Three To Play is a 4,600+ word gay erotica short story, intended for adults only. The story features scenes with three men in a hot, hard and steamy embrace with each other! EXCERPT: “I was thinking a threesome actually. Remember Josh? That new guy at work I told you about? Cute? Willing? Hung?” “Yeah, I do. Really? A Threesome? Did you already ask him?” Martin’s ears had already pricked up at the mention of the words threesome and hung. “Of course! He is very definitely up for it. I’ve had to be professional about it, of course. I have a plan. Want to hear it?”