Touched (Voluptuary Pleasures, #2) Suzanne Jefferies Author

Touched (Voluptuary Pleasures, #2) Suzanne Jefferies Author
Categories: Books, Dark Erotica
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Forgive me Father, for I will sin. Only one person knows Max Montgomery’s deepest, darkest synesthesia secrets — Billy Jorge. But he ran out on her after six months, when she was still a teen, leaving her to deal with the fallout. A year before, Max arrived back in Liberty to bury her mother, pack up and sell the family house and head out to pursue the rest of her life. So, why’s she still there? Because Billy’s back in Liberty in his role of local preacher, Father William Jorge. Because he’s still the only person who knows her, who she can trust herself with - or can she? Touched is a dark erotica novella, the second in the Voluptuary Pleasures series.