True Tales of Erotica: My Husband's College Roommate (Cuckold, MFM, True Erotica) Victoria Marcum Author

True Tales of Erotica: My Husband's College Roommate (Cuckold, MFM, True Erotica) Victoria Marcum Author
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I looked back and, so Doug could hear, told Chris to cum inside me.From the author that writes erotica with plot comes a true erotica tale, My Husband’s College Roommate.This is a tale about wide open relationships and wide open legs as two men and one woman spend one wild night exploring their sexuality. There’s cock sucking, hard fucking, and a cuckolded husband with a threesome thrown in as a wife gets her every wish and her husband has to sit and watch.WARNING: This erotica short contains graphic language, a horny woman fucking her husband’s college roommate, oral sex, a hot threesome with one woman and two men, and too many orgasms to count. Intended for 18+ MATURE AUDIENCES only.EXCERPT:Chris got on the bed and between my legs, his cock brushing against my folds. I knew I was already primed, open and ready for him, but he still teased me with his cock. He placed his thumb on my clit and rubbed me as he pushed the head of his cock against my slit. I stared him in the eyes and could feel his cock pulsing from his heartbeat. He pressed into me as he rolled my clit and I felt like my head was going to explode. I rocked my hips, trying to drive him in me. He smiled down at me and then gave me what I wanted, shoving his cock into me, slapping his balls against my ass. I screamed and arched my back, looking over at Doug sitting in his lonely chair. I locked eyes with Doug as Chris rammed me again, slapping his hips against my thighs. I couldn’t keep quiet and groaned with nearly every thrust, his cock stretching me with every entry.Chris grabbed my knees and put them on his shoulders, my ass angled up in the air and began to fuck me that way. I knew that this was a great angle for Doug, he could see Chris’s long, thick cock sliding into me, could see how his college friend was violating his own wife. I looked at Doug and he was licking his lips as he watched us. The new angle Chris was fucking me at hit a spot in me that caused me to squirm, it felt so amazing. His hips were slapping mine and the sound was getting wetter as I got wetter, moistening my pubic hair.

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