Ultra Erotica! (The Six Sexy Stories Collection by Ginger Starr, #3) Ginger Starr Author

Ultra Erotica! (The Six Sexy Stories Collection by Ginger Starr, #3) Ginger Starr Author
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Six ultra-hot stories in the Six Sexy Stories Collection for men, women and couples from bestselling erotica author Ginger Starr! The Girls Next Door Recently single, Adam must learn the new rules for hooking up. Luckily, his hot neighbors are ready to teach him the ropes. “If there were any doubt their breasts were real (so many strippers had unfortunate bolt-ons) the ladies soon confirmed they had all their own equipment when each lifted her tank top. He then had the strangest thought. What is the proper etiquette when two beautiful young women perform an unasked for but very welcome lap dance in a deserted gym?” Their Loving Wife Linda is a proud unapologetic modern courtesan, her life’s true calling. “Needless to say, her marriage didn’t last long, but Linda never regretted a moment of giving or taking pleasure. And how many of us can say that?” Executive Privilege Sarah has the boss from Hell. Is that why he makes her so hot? “Ah, Sarah, could you come here please?” She rolled her eyes yet walked behind his desk to look at his computer. “I apologize,” he murmured. “I know you told me before, but…” His words trailed off as he gestured helplessly at the screen. Sarah leaned over to place her hands on the keyboard, expecting him to stand aside, but he didn’t. She carried on as if nothing was wrong when she felt his hand brush her thigh. She knew she needed to stop him, but it felt so good." Lights, Camera, Action! Cassie is the CEO of her own erotic film empire. She’s also the casting director. “Wonderful, you’ve acted in plays!”, she exclaimed as if the two were Broadway stars. “Have either of you performed love scenes with women?” The girls shook their heads no. “I see. Well, do either of you have any real life sexual experience with other women?” The blonde giggled and the brunette blushed. “I take that as a no as well.” she purred. “But, I only make adult films with all female casts. By being here, I assume you’re at least open to the idea of lesbian sex.” Cassie waited, knowing now was the time for silence. She also saw their shy glances at each other, the mutual attraction obvious. The two girls nodded again, this time giving their consent.” Camping Couples Three pairs of lovers share all in the great outdoors. “Brian stoked the fire and they watched the flames crackle as shadows danced in the trees. He brought out his guitar and strummed softly as Amber and Matt cuddled in their sleeping bag. Next to them, John and Berit did the same. He stroked her breasts inside her shirt as she leaned against his chest. His touch made her moan and open her eyes to meet Amber’s lusty gaze.” Small Town Scandals Jessi is bored to tears in her tiny religious town. An encounter with a rough stranger may be just the ticket. “There were bake sales all year for money to bring in rides and hire workers to set them up and tear them down. Most were weather beaten men who looked like they had been carnies all their lives. They always smoked even though the church begged them not to on the fairground. She desperately needed a cigarette now and closed her eyes, willing the urge to go away. Her craving was so strong she could smell smoke in the air. Suddenly, she realized it was not her imagination. A carnie stood ten feet away. He pulled a crumpled soft pack from his pocket. “Smoke?” he asked.

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