Well Hung Erotica Vol. 1 Sophie Sin Author

Well Hung Erotica Vol. 1 Sophie Sin Author
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Four short erotica stories by Sophie Sin. Included are the story of a huge customer and the cafe worker who ‘services’ him well, a police officer that takes advantage of a sexy law breaker, an alpha male exec fooling with the temp, and a linebacker that likes white booty. There is something for everyone within!‘Well Hung Erotica Vol. 1’ contains:# Doing It Large (Romance)Jack Stevens is big - huge actually. The man strolls into the cafe. Sally tenses. For some reason he looks like he is worried about something. What’s wrong? she asks, perhaps overstepping herself, perhaps not. Jack looks her firmly in the eyes. Tonight he is going to take her on the date of a lifetime and give her an experience big enough to make her want more. An evening of firsts for all.# The Big Officer (Interracial)Milly has never met a black man his size. The officer looks through the window. Her eyes can’t help but note the bulge in his dress blues. Yes, officer? He gives her a hard look that makes her body tingle. Officer Large shows Milly the time of her life right after he’s done impounding her car. 20 year old Milly is never going to forget her first time going Large. She will be pleased.# Plus Size Exec (Alpha Male)Aaron Straight is the biggest, hardest man she has ever seen. His presence alone dominates the room full of women. Jenny watches on as he explains there role as temps. He sounds like a monster, but he certainly is attractive. The man’s eyes run over her for a moment. Yes, a monster. One that will devour her - or so she hopes. The Boss and the temp: A stormy relationship and a big surprise.# Magnum Linebacker (Interracial)Lawrence stares at her again. It makes her so uncomfortable when he does that. Why did he have to single her out? What did she ever do but be beautiful? The man passes her by. He’s huge, a human monster. Joanna heads out to cheer. That man is on her mind. A night of surprises will result an unlikely coupling. Lawrence is nothing like Joanna imagines. This man is irresistible!

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