Women's Erotica: Slick Nick Trista Jaco Author

Women's Erotica: Slick Nick Trista Jaco Author
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Slick Nick is a Menage, Multiple Partner, Couple’s, and Women’s Erotica short story - M/F.. This erotica short story contains explicit content, erotic situations, graphic language and is suitable for readers 18 and over.No doubt about it. Nick is slick. But when he invites two good friends on dates, one after the other and no more than one day apart, he’s just asking for trouble. The two women arrange to confront him, and after one of them goes on a date with him and is invited to come to his place, she readily agrees. As the two wait for Delia to come by, Lisa meets the hot stud roommate, Lawrence, and hears Nick’s proposition. They soon find out that what they had expected to happen had turned out even better.Excerpt:Taking hold of her waist, he flipped her on her hands and knees, getting her to lift her wiggling little ass in the air. Then, he ground his face into it. Licking, eating, slurping, he smashed his tongue and mouth all over her slit, sliding from her lips to her tiny ass crack. He growled his pleasure at how good she tasted, what with her shoving back on his face and burying his nose within her generous ass cheeks. He felt like he was in some kind of heaven. The only thing that could top that was him, finally, getting to fuck his cock into her ass proper. He rimmed her sphincter up good, widening her up, bit by bit with his fingers. She tucked her face on her folded arms and writhed as he fucked her first, with one finger then two, stretching her ass up. With his other hand, he stroked on her pussy, which was slick with her lust-sap.

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