Women's Erotica: That Girl On The Stairs Julles Munsen Author

Women's Erotica: That Girl On The Stairs Julles Munsen Author
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That Girl On The Stairs is a Menage, Multiple Partner, BDSM, and Women’s Erotica short story - M/F. This erotica short story contains explicit content, erotic situations, graphic language and is suitable for readers 18 and over.Darcy is an aspiring model who takes an interview in a mostly abandoned building. The appointment is scheduled at an office on the 19th floor. Darcy is almost discouraged when she discovers that the elevator is out of order. She has no choice but to climb the endless stairs. As she gets closer to her destination, she started to make herself more comfortable by discarding some of her clothes. What starts out as a seemingly innocent job interview turns into a rough, hard sexual encounter with strangers that Darcy fantasized about.Excerpt:By the 9th floor, she was completely drained. Her legs felt like lead and she could hardly move a step without feeling deep pain in her calves. Her body was now hot with all the exertion. Sweat trailed down from her neck in channels which moved down wetting her bra and running in her skirt to wet her panties before travelling down her legs. She removed her blouse completely as it was getting ruined and stained with sweat. Her bra was almost transparent with wetness of her perspiration. Her red nipples were visible clearly over her fair skin like two ripe cherries over brimming milk cups. She looked down at her sexy body and then up and down the stairs. “No one is around and watching, I will put my top back on at 13th or 14th floor,” she mused. Darcy again sat down on the stairs. She needed water. Her head was whirling with the exertion and heat. She rested her head on the wall and closed her eyes bleary with sweat. Moving forward even an inch seemed impossible to her. Soon Darcy dozed off on the stairs. After some while, Darcy hears a sound on the stairs. She woke up with a start. She was unable to place her whereabouts for few minutes before she remembered the interview. The stairs were darker than when she was climbing them. It seemed she had slept for a good long time. She again heard that sound, like some shuffling footsteps.

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